Last week was sweet and sour. Sweet because we have a new kitchen project #greenpark on the go and we are super excited about the design.  Sour because we received a call stating that our brand new logo was strikingly similar in both design and colour to someone else in the same business and relatively same geographical location. Ugggg! ouch! It was heartbreaking. Developing a logo in concept is tremendously time consuming and executing it equally so.  Our branding is  pretty much applied to all our collaterals, work orders schematics, drawings..every last thing we put out there, it all must be changed.

In our defence, our previous logo was pretty much a greek key motif.. no copyright on that right. (we even ran a Google image search with no results that raised any red flags), however so is theirs, with a few minor changes but the colour was the clincher,  both were pretty much the same. Can I tell you this is a creative persons worst nightmare, to even be suspected of plagerism is horrifying. In the end the logos were way too similar  for my comfort and since they have a copyright since 2011 the onus was on us to make the change and here it is..

Some of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram will have already noticed the very quick change.

I also want to note our competitor was pretty gracious about the whole thing, if the tables were turned I’m sure I would have been as equally mortified, she handled it politely and with class, for that I’m grateful.

We’ve been getting some pretty positive feedback on our new logo and I think I’m just as in love with it as the old one. What do you think?